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Welcome to Leader's Site! LOL, what did you expect to see, my sales sites?!? Ha ha ha...

If you came here from somewhere besides A Best Web, that may seem a bit cryptic of an opening... in a nutshell, I post on that board and some others as "Leader" and I get quite a few clicks from people hoping to see my Affiliate Marketing sites when they see this site listed in my profile...but this site is a 100% personal site (even though I managed to get some pay links in). I even changed the background color from Sales Black-Type-on-White-Background. Hey, I've got to have ONE site that doesn't make my eyes water! White backgrounds get hard to look at after staring at a screen all day...

I've decided to put whatever has been crossing my mind on this site, especially if it has nothing to do with aff. marketing. I would assume that there'll end up being quite an eclectic collection. I have oceans of bits of information in my head which hardly ever need to be called up but keep wanting to see the light of day anyway... Not that I know everything (nobody knows everything!) but I know a bit about a lot of things and hopefully some of it will be that piece of info someone is looking for!

Below you see two weather boxes. The captions on 'em say it all...

Since I just started typing without putting any navbar in (darnit), and I'm not willing to retype anything, Here's some LINKS to the rest of this place!

THE NEW CAR that I bought in May 2002, that used to be the front page of this site, is HERE.

Ever get a videotape stuck in a VCR? How to get a stuck videotape out of a VCR may be what you typed into a search engine to find the page at the end of that link!

Seems that Michigan isn't the only place where people get sick of being snowed on. Check out this Massachusetts Snow Diary I stumbled across!

Recently I took off to Florida in search of land and home builders. Here's a recap.

Here's a link to a site that'll tell the geographic location of an IP address. I'm putting it here so I don't have to go hounding it out again once I forget what the heck it's under in my bookmarks. This one doesn't have any fancy graphics, but it seems to be more precise than VisualRoute.
Today I found a site with the formula for converting Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa.
Here's the software I decided on: POST Affiliate Pro <--I wonder if that is even still in business now in 2017...
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Bookmarking Demon Omron HEM-650 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with APS (Advanced Positioning Sensor)

More to come!